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Why A Premium Website For Sales Agents Is Non-Negotiable

Every year I cringe when I see a Yellow Book Directory on my doorstep because I can’t help but wonder, “How many trees had to die for these to be printed?” Especially knowing that in today’s technology driven-society, most are just tossed into the garbage because people use online directories or search engines instead.  Sure, Yellow Book offers a recycling option as well as an “opt out” option, but that takes time and effort, and who has time for that? Or is even aware of these options for that matter?

As of March 5, 2015 at 10:54 a.m., Internet Live Stats reported 1.2 trillion websites worldwide, with the number increasing each second.  At that same time, the site reported 3.07 trillion users with 1.8 trillion Google searches already completed for the day. Again, the number increasing every second.    

These statistics can be quite overwhelming to think about, but the reality is, it presents an enormous amount of opportunity for businesses today to share thoughts, expertise, promotions, etc. It also provides a great opportunity for enterprise B2B and B2C companies with sales agents to demonstrate professionalism and credibility while prospecting potential customers and enterprise accounts.

The days of solely generating business through referrals on the golf course or a three-martini lunch is no longer a reality. Sure, many business transactions still do happen in these circumstances, but the need to be found online is essential for success at any level.

In conducting research for a business development project, I discovered it was impossible to find direct contact information for a telecommunications sales agent in my area, or any area.  Instead, I was directed to the enterprise’s website, was forced to dial a generic phone number, sit in queue and wait to speak with someone, just to get transferred and/or told that they would take down my contact information and I’d receive a call back.  In the latter instance, I eventually did, but it was not immediately and quickly my interest in the product was lost. This is not an ideal scenario with how to deal with a potential prospect.

As an enterprise business with a sales force, no matter the industry, it is important that prospective customers be able to find your business and a local sales agent quickly and easily. Immediate access to your contact information is important because it allows you to make the first impression versus having a lesser-trained individual in a call center be the first point of contact after the prospect was sitting on hold, listening to cheesy music, and pre-recorded messages indicating that “someone will be with you shortly.”

This is why a premium website that is professional, customizable and is compliant with the enterprise website, is so important. Not only does it help build a sales agent’s professional identity, the bottom line is that it can help attract, nurture, convert and retain business overall.
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