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How To Get Your Business Started With Content Marketing

You might have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ or heard all the buzz about how content marketing has transformed online marketing. Whether you have heard of content marketing or not, what kind of an impact can it have for your business? Did you know…

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads (1)
  • Conversion rates for brands using content marketing are 6-7x higher (2)

What is Content Marketing?

“Content Marketing is a targeted marketing strategy that involves creating insightful, engaging and interesting written content with the aim of creating customer loyalty and increasing opportunities for future business” (3).

Simply put, content marketing is about creating and sharing valuable informative content that your prospects and customers find engaging and helpful to their needs. You’re answering their questions, breaking down common service/product topics into easy-to-understand and relatable explanations, etc. You’re leaving them more educated, interested in learning more, and ideally coming back to your website.

Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Business

Gone are the days of traditional marketing where you bombard consumers with advertising and information pushing your audience to action. Now a days, prior to making a purchase, consumers spend their time researching online. This is where content marketing comes into play and it’s extremely important for your business’s website.

Think of the unique website content you create as a way of “pulling” your prospects and customers to your business via educational and valuable content that may answer their questions and needs. Content marketing can position your business to be the resource they find online while researching and continue to utilize time after time.

What’s important to remember, is that content marketing is not a quick fix solution. It can take 3-4 months before you start seeing the benefits of all your content.  This is an on-going process of creating and sharing quality content to not only attract your ideal prospects, and also retain customers. Therefore, don’t be discouraged. Through consistency and dedication, content marketing can greatly impact your business’s online visibility.

Essentials to Get You Started:

  • Create Personas:  Break down your audience to understand what drives and motivates them, and identify their questions and needs. For example, if you’re an insurance agent that sells renters’ insurance, some persona segments could be first-time renters, college students, young couples, small families, etc. This can then shape how you write your content based on their unique needs.
  • Tone of Voice:  Creating content should be fun and should portray your personality. Make your content interesting or write in a light, friendly, conversational tone of voice. Share valuable info in an educational way, but break it down into a casual voice that is easily relatable and understandable among your audience.
  • Localization:  Include your local area keywords within your content. This will localize your content to effectively reach your nearby audience.
  • Call-to-Action: End your content with a strong call-to-action that drives your visitors to take the action that you want. You can drive them to call you for more info, send you an email with questions, or call you.
  • Distribute Your Content: Distribution is an important part of content marketing. You want to distribute in more ways than one, including: social media, a blog, email, newsletters, 3rd party sites, print, and other distribution touch-points you may have.

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